Paul Horsted has been a photographer in South Dakota for more than 30 years. He is well-known for his books on the “beauty of today, the history of yesterday”, which feature “then and now” images of the Black Hills, the Dakotas, Yellowstone, and 25 other National Parks across the country. His books and prints are available at ArtForms Gallery, through his website at, or you can connect at

“Wagon Train Passing Through Castle Creek Valley” 8-23-05 • N 44 04 25.1 W 103 54 24.8 • Northwest (Facing page) A stereoview by W.H. Illingworth (inset) shows more than 100 wagons of the Black Hills Expedition in Castle Creek Valley on July 26, 1874. In the modern color image made at this location, the same limestone formations and, remarkably, several burned stumps seen in the 1874 image are still present today. (Paul Horsted Collection/Illingworth) Field Note: The connection to the past is almost tangible when you gaze upon those rock formations and surviving tree stumps. If you go, please add nothing to or take anything from this scene. ..

Grand Canyon National Park Yesterday & Today. Granite Gorge and the Colorado River. Circa 1903.

Photo ©Paul Horsted/ All Rights Reserved.

1933 Road Near Mt. Rushmore.. Charles D’emery was a Connecticut-based photographer hired by Gutzon Borglum (and later the Park Service) to document the work on Mt. Rushmore. He took many outstanding images of the monument as well as the beauty of the surrounding Black Hills (found elsewhere in these pages). Here we see a car that appears in some of D’emery’s other images, as well as a figure sitting on rocks at right, in front of the partially-carved mountain... The earlier image can be dated by the emerging image of Jefferson to the left of Washington. Inadequate rock in that area caused Borglum to remove the carving by 1934 and start over on the other side. Today the former highway is the Avenue of Flags leading to the main viewing terrace at Mt. Rushmore. Note the same rock formation at right, with several feet of earth removed from around its base...

Yellowstone Black Hills Yesterday & Today YYT BHYT

Yellowstone National Park Yesterday & Today. Lower (or, "The Grand") Falls of the Yellowstone River Yesterday & Today. Circa 1883.

Yosemite National Park Yesterday & Today. Glacier Point looking toward Half Dome, circa 1910.

Zion National Park Yesterday & Today. Temple of Zion at center, Angel's Landing at right. Circa 1900.

Paul Horsted